Lenny Henry talks to Steve Ajao


In Lenny Henry’s Got The Blues, a three-part series broadcast this month on Sky Arts, Lenny Henry asks why there are so few black British blues singers. Also, why has no black British blues singer achieved international fame? Henry interviews both famous blues stars and unsung musicians playing their local circuits.

Valve guitar amps for blues rock


At the end of 2012 I made a resolution to play guitar in a band regularly by the end of 2013. Four months on and things are coming together. I’ve played two gigs with Rhino & The Ranters and I’m starting a blues rock band with Alistair Jones. After two Ranters gigs and rehearsing with Alistair at Highbury Studios, I’ve found that I need a better guitar amp.

10 standout blues artists summer 2012

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I’ve made a Spotify playlist of 10 blues tracks I’ve enjoyed listening to this summer:

  1. New Horizon by Royal Southern Brotherhood
  2. Saw My Mama Cryin by Walter Trout
  3. Jump That Train by Joanne Shaw Taylor
  4. Let Me In by Gráinne Duffy
  5. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go by Joe Bonamassa
  6. Nickel Soul by WT Feaster Band
  7. Long Distance Lover by Cherry Lee Mewis
  8. What’s My Name by Henrik Freischlader
  9. Gotta Get Back Up by Laurence Jones
  10. Freedom at 21 by Jack White

Read on for a rundown of each artist and track.