Quick master settings in Logic Pro X


When bouncing a work-in-progress song, I listen back to it in the car or through earbuds to hear how a mix performs in different environments. While no substitute for the full mastering process, these settings using plug-ins included with Logic are a quick way to bounce a song at a realistic mastered volume and add juicy vintage saturation.

Gig of My Life – Happy Mondays


The most talented band in the world at their creative peak. Ferociously energetic on stage. Crafters of wondrous lyrics that dance into your ears and make you think. Musicians with an endless well of earworms of riffs and hooks to draw on. Charismatic, bona fide stars.

Happy Mondays are none of these. But for one night in April 1999 at the Manchester Evening News Arena, they gave the gig of my life.

Rhino and the Ranters release ‘Half Quixote’ EP


Rhino and the Ranters have released their new EP Half Quixote featuring four tracks:

  1. I Can’t Stop These Tears From Falling
  2. What’s Cooking Mama?
  3. Dead Live Man
  4. King of the Undertakers

The EP is available to buy now from the Apple Store and Polar Bear Records in Kings Heath. You’ll also be able to grab a copy of the CD at their EP party at The Dark Horse in Moseley on 29 July 2016.

Von Hertzen Brothers plus Messenger at The Rainbow, Birmingham 23 March 2016


Seeing a band of Von Hertzen Brothers’ quality and experience up close in a small venue was a rare opportunity and a treat for any live music fan. For VHB fans particularly, this was a great opportunity to catch them before they headline larger UK venues, which is where the band deserve to be.

Lenny Henry talks to Steve Ajao


In Lenny Henry’s Got The Blues, a three-part series broadcast this month on Sky Arts, Lenny Henry asks why there are so few black British blues singers. Also, why has no black British blues singer achieved international fame? Henry interviews both famous blues stars and unsung musicians playing their local circuits.