Marshall AFD100: Where it all began


Guitarist Slash and amp manufacturers Marshall are collaborating to recreate the fabled Marshall AFD100.

I listened to Guns N’ Roses debut album Appetite for Destruction relentlessly as a kid. GnR were the first rebellious band I liked after realising there was a world beyond the UK pop charts. I’d never heard anything like them before. An immediate heavy barrage of ferocious energy and attitude, and Slash’s phenomenal guitar. Two decades later and Appetite is still the best debut hard rock album of all time, in my view.

Side 1 is now my preferred jogging soundtrack; probably not what GnR would like!

More details about the project are available from [no longer online]:

“In 1987 Guns and Roses released their debut album – Appetite For Destruction – and changed rock music forever. Raw, unrelenting and ‘in-yer-face’ from start to finish, this was the record that redefined rock music in the 80s. The lyrics were incisive and the music uncompromising, completed by Slash’s inspired fretboard mastery and unique sound, regarded by many as the ultimate rock tone.

The intriguing history of the Marshall amp used by Slash on AFD and its subsequent disappearance has now passed into rock folklore… Eager to hold on to the amplifier, Slash told rental company S.I.R. that it had been stolen, only to have it ‘stolen’ back a year later during tour rehearsals. Ever since there has been little to no word on the whereabouts of that mysterious 100 Watt head…

Now Slash and Marshall Amplification have joined forces to re-create that revered ‘Appetite Tone’ with the announcement of the new Marshall AFD amplifier. Fans around the world will be able to track the development of this incredible project online, from drawing board to stadium.”

Photo credit: Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature by 06AngusSG (CC BY-ND 2.0)


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